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Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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Clinical Focus

Wound care digital toolkit ‘powerful asset’ to improve health and quality of life for aged care residents

More than 400,000 Australians are estimated to suffer chronic wounds at any given time, with the condition costing the system more than $3.5 billion. Coviu, the Federal Government's video telehealth platform of choice, is being funded to develop an innovative digital solution for wound care. BIANCA ROBERTS reports

Study finds daytime meals may reduce health risks linked to night shift work

A new study could lead to novel behavioural interventions aimed at improving the health of shift workers who past studies show may be at an increased risk for diabetes, heart disease, and obesity.

Experts call for urgent action with Aussie blood pressure out of control

Reducing rates of high blood pressure by just a quarter could save 37,000 lives and return $34.3 billion to the economy according to leading Australian experts.

New research suggests sunshine vitamin important for cardio health

Free from the sun, vitamin D delivers a natural source for one of the hormones essential to our bodies, especially the bones. But when you’re down on this essential nutrient, it’s not only your bones that could suffer, but also your cardio health, according to new research from the University of South Australia.

High school completion and occupational complexity linked to dementia prevention

An international research collaboration has found that high occupational complexity is associated with dementia-free survival time, highlighting the importance of maintaining cognitive stimulation throughout life for lowering the risk of dementia.

Survivors of heart attacks not aware of ongoing risks: new research

Research suggests survivors of the nation's single-biggest killer aren't sufficiently aware of the ongoing risks. A Heart Foundation survey of 400 heart attack patients has revealed many weren't given resources to help them understand their condition or support their recovery when they left hospital.

Newly refurbished Beverly Hills senior wellness centre building physical, social and emotional wellbeing

Uniting has opened its doors to a newly refurbished space for fitness and wellness in Beverly Hills, Sydney for people over 60. The Uniting Senior...

How a timely transparent mask invention is helping restore vital visual communication

For older Australians, especially those with hearing or cognitive impairment, Covid-19-induced face mask-wearing has caused widespread breakdowns in communication. Allysa Dittmar's transparent mask invention ClearMask, is bringing human connection, empathy, and comfort back into healthcare. BIANCA ROBERTS reports

Online program helping chronic pain sufferers regulate emotions and reduce flare-ups

Australian researchers have developed a novel online program to help people living with chronic pain better self-regulate and handle negative emotions as well as mitigating painful flare ups.

AMA says Omicron underlines need for more vigorous rollout and national quarantine facilities

The emergence of the Omicron COVID-19 variant underlines the need for Australia to develop a network of dedicated quarantine facilities and to pursue the roll out of booster shots more vigorously, the AMA said on Monday.

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