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Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Clinical Focus

Major rise in antidepressants being used to treat pain – but are they effective?

Drugs designed to treat depression are increasingly being used to alleviate chronic pain conditions, but new Australian research has revealed the most commonly prescribed antidepressant offers little or no pain relief.

New end-of-life care toolkit to help aged care staff proving big success

The Advance Project toolkit aims to boost the number of aged care residents with dementia benefitting from palliative care and end-of-life support, and has already been accessed by a huge range of care workers, allied health staff, nurses and GPs.

Concussions may be associated with worse brain function at later age: study

Repeated concussions are linked to worse brain function in later life, according to new research. The findings show people who reported experiencing three or more lifetime concussions had worse cognitive function at baseline than those with no concussion history.

‘As a nation, we can – and must – do better’ – the big push to deinstitutionalise aged care

While a plethora of much-needed modern advances have been made in the provision of aged care in recent decades, many facilities remain mired in outdated, regimented and paternalistic ways. OPAN has responded with its Deinstitutionalisation in Aged Care position statement, detailing a range of recommendations on how we can move towards person-centred models of care that are provided in the recipient’s own home, or a home-like setting. BIANCA ROBERTS reports

Green light for universal COVID-19 vaccine project that could end pandemic

A universal vaccine that could bring an end to the COVID-19 pandemic is now in development at the Garvan Institute of Medical Research.

Midlife obesity may increase risk of frailty later – new research

Carrying far too much weight, including a midriff bulge, from mid-life onwards, is linked to a heightened risk of physical frailty in older age, according to research published in the open access journal BMJ Open.

New mechanism behind osteoarthritis uncovered, might inform new treatments

Researchers in the United States and Japan have discovered a new mechanism that links age-related cartilage tissue stiffening with the repression of a key protein associated with longevity.

Preventing weight gain earlier can help avoid total knee replacement: new study

Preventing weight gain from early adulthood could reduce knee replacements in Australian adults by almost 30 per cent, and save the health system $373 million per year, new research has found.

As we launch into 2023, here are three new life saving heart health tips

Australians are urged to get more sleep, swap regular salt for potassium-enriched salt, and consider undergoing a blood test for a new “bad” cholesterol marker. The three tips could help prevent people from developing heart disease and are simple to adopt according to the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute’s executive director Professor Jason Kovacic.

Study offers hope for potential new treatment for osteoporosis

Research led by the University of Western Australia has identified a new type of human protein known as an 'ADR3 i-body' that could be used to stop bone breakdown and as a treatment for osteoporosis.

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