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Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Clinical Focus

Flinders research measuring the effects of climate change on lymphoedema

Flinders University studies to determine if people with lymphoedema experience symptom variations due to varying climatic conditions are aiming to provide better treatment outcomes for patients trying to cope with longstanding swelling in their limbs.

Australian world-leading dementia innovation on show at London conference

Innovative Dementia Australia technology solutions and programs helping to improve the lives of people living with dementia, their families and carers are being showcased at the Alzheimer’s Disease International Conference 2022 in London this week.

New depression test identifies men who could be up to 30x the risk of suicidal ideation

New research from SAHMRI, the University of Adelaide, CSIRO Australia’s national science agency, Orygen and the Freemason’s Centre for Male Health and Wellbeing has found men who score high on both traditional measures of depression symptoms and University of Adelaide’s recently developed 'Short-Form Male Depression Risk Scale', may be up to 30 times the risk of suicidal thinking.

Language and imagery used around diabetes perpetuating condition’s stigma: expert

The foundation director of the Australian Centre for Behavioural Research in Diabetes, Professor Jane Speight, has presented to the 82nd Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association on how harmful diabetes stigma can be to people living with this serious condition.

Asthma has similar symptoms to other illnesses – it’s vital that your diagnosis is correct

Asthma diagnosis and treatment is of importance to the aged care industry, as many older persons may not have had the diagnosis of asthma confirmed in their earlier years due to the stigma that used to be attached to the condition. Professor Helen Reddel, a respiratory physician at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, wants GPs to be more vigilant. BIANCA ROBERTS reports

Psychological distress for older rural patients eased with screening in clinical setting

Psychological distress is acute for older people with multiple health difficulties in rural and remote areas of Australia, leading to higher health services use – but Flinders University researchers suggest that increased psychological screening in a clinical setting can help improve this situation.

Missing link between Alzheimer’s and vascular disease maybe found: research

The connection between vascular disease in the brain and Alzheimer’s has remained unexplained despite the intense efforts of researchers. Now, a study led by researchers at Columbia University's Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons has uncovered a possible mechanism.

What happens if you want access to voluntary assisted dying but your nursing home won’t let you?

Voluntary assisted dying is now lawful in all Australian states. There is also widespread community support for it. Yet some residential institutions, such as hospices and aged-care facilities, are obstructing access despite the law not specifying whether they have the legal right to do so.

Funding prize to help vital research into continence care in residential homes

Academic and registered nurse, Professor Joan Ostaszkiewicz, together with her colleagues at the National Ageing Research Institute, have been awarded a $5000 funding prize for vital research into the experiences, expectations, and preferences for continence care in residential aged care homes. 

Aged care sector stubbornly resisting telehealth uptake in COVID-normal phase

Telehealth was a vital alternative to in-person medical consultations during the COVID lockdowns, but recent changes to the Medicare Benefits Scheme and a lack of high speed, wireless internet connections that are accessible to aged care residents and their families has resulted in a poor uptake of telehealth in the sector. BIANCA ROBERTS chatted with CEO and founder of Coviu, Australia’s leading telehealth service provider, Dr Silvia Pfeiffer.

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