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Wednesday, December 8, 2021
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Online program helping chronic pain sufferers regulate emotions and reduce flare-ups

Australian researchers have developed a novel online program to help people living with chronic pain better self-regulate and handle negative emotions as well as mitigating painful flare ups.

Researchers are delving into smart technology and looking at just how it will impact homes for seniors

Smart Homes for Seniors, Intelligent Home Solutions for Independent Living is a new multiple university study into what extent smart technology and artificial intelligence will augment aged care in the future. BIANCA ROBERTS spoke to researcher Dr Sarah Pink about the project.

Opal HealthCare digitises payroll and rostering with modern HR tech

One of Australia’s largest aged care providers, Opal Healthcare, now offers a convenient self-service portal for roster management, shift swaps, leave requests and work availability updates for its 9500 team members caring for more than 8000 residents in 80 care homes across NSW, Victoria, Queensland and WA. 

Smart phone apps may offer potential remedy for mild prospective memory loss

A new study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society points to smart phone applications as a potential remedy for mild cases of prospective memory loss.

Research highlighting how modern tech can support older adults wins inaugural IoT Award

Monash University’s Emerging Technologies Research Lab has been recognised by the Internet of Things Australia for research highlighting how modern technology can support older adults.

Best practices when replacing pagers to manage change, reduce risk, and strengthen safety

Aged care organisations can avoid siloed communication devices and communication dead ends in four steps - unification, support, integration and communication.

Australia-first digital ID trial shows big productivity boost for Aussie businesses

Digital ID technology is ready to scale and deliver productivity, compliance and risk management benefits across aged care, health, manufacturing, transport, training and education and all forms of construction, repair and maintenance - basically any industry where verifying the skills and qualifications of an employee are essential.

Our older Aussies are using video-gaming to help with “cognitive elasticity” and potentially ward off dementia

New research out of Bond University and the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association has revealed that these days Nan and Pop are every bit as likely to be joining in the fun of video gaming as children, teenagers or 40-year-old 'big kids'.

Uniting sets aged care sector example with net zero carbon target for 2040

Leading aged care provider, Uniting NSW.ACT, has set a net zero carbon target for 2040 to support the future of the planet.

How increased communication from aged care organisations can deliver safer, more holistic, and quicker patient care  

The healthcare sector has seen many lifesaving developments stem from technology over the past 10 years. From the improvement of telehealth for remote communities to the implementation of digital patient histories. However, there are still gaps in this gradual automation process.

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