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Monday, November 29, 2021
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Researchers are delving into smart technology and looking at just how it will impact homes for seniors

Smart Homes for Seniors, Intelligent Home Solutions for Independent Living is a new multiple university study into what extent smart technology and artificial intelligence will augment aged care in the future. BIANCA ROBERTS spoke to researcher Dr Sarah Pink about the project.

New discoveries make big steps toward lipoedema diagnosis and treatment

New research from St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research in Melbourne Australia (SVI) on lipoedema – a debilitating chronic disease often misdiagnosed as obesity – provides a path to potential drug treatments and development of a diagnostic screening test.

Smart phone apps may offer potential remedy for mild prospective memory loss

A new study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society points to smart phone applications as a potential remedy for mild cases of prospective memory loss.

Physical activity may improve Alzheimer’s disease outcomes by lowering brain inflammation: new research

It is unclear how physical activity improves brain health, particularly in Alzheimer’s disease, but the benefits may come about through decreased immune cell activation, according to new research.

Pandemic has increased loneliness among Australians, costing up to $2.7 billion per year

Released on Friday, the Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre's 'Stronger Together: Loneliness and social connectedness in Australia' report has revealed overall social connectivity in Australia, which had been in steady decline for the past decade, decreased dramatically during the pandemic, with associated poor health outcomes costing up to $2.7 billion each year.

Scoping study to identify key issues for the mental health of older people

Researchers at the National Ageing Research Institute are working with the National Mental Health Commission to understand the key issues for older adults to maintain mental health and support those living with mental illness and their carers.

National audit highlights improvements in stroke care across Australia

More Australians have access to leading-edge stroke treatment than they did two years ago despite the challenges COVID-19 created within the health system, according to the findings of Stroke Foundation’s 2021 National Stroke Audit.

WA study into end-of-life care finds greater awareness required across the board

Western Australia's largest private hospital, Hollywood Private Hospital, is transforming its approach to end-of-life care following a two-year research project.

Shock results for under-50s as two million Aussies take heart age test

Seven out of 10 Aussies yet to hit their 50s have a ‘heart age’ above their actual age, new figures reveal – and millions do not know their blood pressure or cholesterol numbers.

Research highlighting how modern tech can support older adults wins inaugural IoT Award

Monash University’s Emerging Technologies Research Lab has been recognised by the Internet of Things Australia for research highlighting how modern technology can support older adults.

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