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Monday, August 15, 2022
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University of Melbourne

Experts answer hard questions on staying safe during winter as the COVID surge rumbles on

A group of leading Australian medical and epidemiological experts answer a variety of questions relating to how worrisome the new COVID variants are for public health and safety, and whether previous mandates should be reinstated. BIANCA ROBERTS reports

Exciting VR project allowing older persons to revisit their past and explore new worlds

A collaboration between the Queensland University of Technology Design Lab, Griffith University, the University of Melbourne and La Trobe University has unveiled the transformative power of integrating virtual reality (VR) in aged care settings.

Elderly dog owners almost 50 per cent less likely to have a disability – new research

Elderly dog owners may be 50 per cent less likely to have a disability than non-dog owners, according to Australian and Japanese research involving more than 11,000 older Japanese adults.

New project set to enhance telehealth experiences for patients and doctors

A new “Enhanced Telehealth Capabilities” project is set to deliver user-centred and research-based software solutions to enhance telehealth services for the elderly and Australians from culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

Our older Aussies are using video-gaming to help with “cognitive elasticity” and potentially ward off dementia

New research out of Bond University and the Interactive Games and Entertainment Association has revealed that these days Nan and Pop are every bit as likely to be joining in the fun of video gaming as children, teenagers or 40-year-old 'big kids'.

Monash University launches new centre to transform treatments for Australians living with mental health disorders

Monash University today will launch an end-to-end, cross-disciplinary centre to drive novel psychiatric drug discovery, as well as new approaches to neuromedicine-assisted psychotherapies, for the treatment of mental health disorders.

New research links increased dairy intake of older people with less falls and bone fractures

Increased amounts of dairy products - such as cheese, yoghurt and milk - in an older person’s diet may help prevent bone fractures and falls, according to new Australian research findings.

Busting the ‘slow down’ myth: vigorous activity needed in later life to live longer and better

Researcher Dr Michelle Jongenelis, from the Melbourne Centre for Behaviour Change at the University of Melbourne, says moderate-to-vigorous physical activity can delay age-related illness and disability, allowing us to live independently for longer, and have a much better quality of life.

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