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Sunday, July 3, 2022
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Nothing in Budget to address super system gender inequities

HESTA said it welcomes measures in the Federal Budget aimed at increasing women's workforce participation but that it was a missed opportunity to improve women's long-term financial security.

New study shows women want Government action to address super inequity

Many women are stressed and anxious about the hit to their retirement savings from taking time out of the workforce to nurture children and want government action to address this super inequity, new research from industry super fund HESTA reveals.

Retirement communities: ageism exists even among the elderly – new research

One of the problems with retirement villages is that they tend to treat “older people” as a homogeneous category, as more or less “the same” simply because they are over 60. The reality is that residents have extremely diverse needs and span up to three decades – from 60 to over 90.

New research indicates Baby Boomers are set to change the face of aged care

Baby boomers are set to revolutionise aged care by banging down the doors of change, according to new research by leading aged care provider, RSL LifeCare.

New research says the kids are fine with parents cashing in on their inheritance

Cash in on the kids’ inheritance and spend up big on the retirement plans – that’s the message coming from the University of South Australia as new research reveals that older people are keen to spend their well-earned savings, rather than passing them on to their kids.

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