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Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Some of the world’s lowest dementia rates are found in Amazonian indigenous groups

As scientists around the world seek solutions for Alzheimer’s disease, a new study reveals that two indigenous groups in the Bolivian Amazon have among the lowest rates of dementia in the world.

NARI researchers are delving into the causes of loneliness in older Australians and providing help to address it

Loneliness is a significant contributor to the onset of mental health conditions and can seriously impact peoples' physical wellbeing. A NARI research team has developed a three-tiered approach to addressing loneliness in older Australians, which will be used as the basis of ongoing research initiatives and outreach programs. BIANCA ROBERTS reports

People with mental health issues more likely to experience back pain: new research

A study into the causes of back pain has found that depression and anxiety play a greater role in this poorly understood condition than first thought.

Sonic advance – how sound waves could help regrow bones

Researchers have used sound waves to turn stem cells into bone cells, in a tissue engineering advance that could one day help patients regrow bone lost to cancer or degenerative disease.

Good health in mid-life strongly linked to dementia prevention: new research

According to new research published in the BMJ, maintaining good health and limiting the development of chronic disease during this life stage may bode well for dementia prevention through the rest of one’s life.  

Breakthrough research into killer bacteria set to leave many elders breathing much easier

University of Queensland researchers have discovered a way to kill a type of bacteria that causes millions of respiratory infections in children and the elderly, paving the way for more effective treatment. BIANCA ROBERTS investigates

Miniature brains offer new directions in dementia research

In between juggling home schooling and the other stresses of pandemic life, Macquarie University dementia researchers Associate Professor Yazi Ke and Professor Lars Ittner found that stem cell technology had progressed to a point where they could potentially use it to create miniature brains.

New $34 million research centre to ‘effectively address real and meaningful systemic changes for ageing Australians’

The Aged Care Centre for Growth and Translational Research will open next year at Flinders University in Adelaide to 'help ensure vital research leads to tangible outcomes for the aged care sector'.

Govt announces $239 million in funding for Australian health and medical researchers

The Federal Government is distributing $239 million in funding across 248 innovative research projects to 'help advance our understanding of a wide range of health and medical issues faced by Australians'.

Research says improved recording methods needed to reduce nurse injury rates when caring for obese patients

Better recording protocols may help minimise nurse injury rates and enhance quality of care whilst treating obese patients, according to new research out of Edith Cowan University in Perth.

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