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How going on holiday could be a quality treatment option for dementia: new study

A new cross-disciplinary paper from Edith Cowan University proposes we change the way we view tourism, seeing it not just as a recreational experience but as an industry that can provide real health benefits.

Older person’s self-perception of own health a predictor of future health: research

An older person’s perceptions about their health — known as 'health-related quality of life' (HRQoL) — may predict their health in the future, new Monash research shows.

New report says older Australians need more financial support during pandemic

Financial experts are encouraging pre-retirees to sharpen their financial skills as a new report from the University of South Australia shows that 31 per cent of older Australians (aged 55+ years) feel insecure about their financial futures, particularly amid the current pandemic.

Nation’s elders only at halfway mark for fourth COVID shot

A little more than half of senior Australians eligible for their fourth COVID-19 vaccination have received it.

Ten-year RLS study highlights need for older people to be aware of drowning risks

A decade-long study by Royal Life Saving has scrutinised almost 600 drowning deaths over a 10-year period of people aged 65 and older, and highlights the need for older Australians to be vigilant around water.

Asthma has similar symptoms to other illnesses – it’s vital that your diagnosis is correct

Asthma diagnosis and treatment is of importance to the aged care industry, as many older persons may not have had the diagnosis of asthma confirmed in their earlier years due to the stigma that used to be attached to the condition. Professor Helen Reddel, a respiratory physician at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, wants GPs to be more vigilant. BIANCA ROBERTS reports

Psychological distress for older rural patients eased with screening in clinical setting

Psychological distress is acute for older people with multiple health difficulties in rural and remote areas of Australia, leading to higher health services use – but Flinders University researchers suggest that increased psychological screening in a clinical setting can help improve this situation.

Treating sleep apnoea can improve memory in people with cognitive decline

Growing evidence suggests disturbed sleep may increase the risk of developing dementia. A new study is showing treating sleep apnoea in older adults with mild cognitive impairment can improve memory, but not other areas of cognition, in the short term.

Regular exercise, expert diet advice equals better mobility in frail older people – new trial

A new trial in the UK has found that a combination of aerobic (walking), strength, flexibility, and balance exercises alongside personalised nutritional counselling reduced mobility disability by 22 per cent over three years.

US scientists identify genetic variants linked to age-related mobility changes

A new US study suggests changes in strength and mobility may depend on genetic variations in a critical mitochondrial enzyme and provides a new biomarker linked to age-related muscle health.

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