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Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Dietitians ready to support Govt to serve up better food and nutrition in aged care

Dietitians Australia says it has been pleasing to hear the Prime Minister and Minister for Aged Care voice their commitment to improving food and nutrition as part of their five-point plan for turning aged care around in Australia.

Maggie Beer’s magnificent mission to elevate nutrition and flavour in aged care cooking

Back in 2010, as Senior Australian of the Year, Maggie Beer was asked to speak to an audience of 1000 aged care CEOs and soon after began researching the status of nutrition in aged care. What she found shocked and devastated her. Having established her own foundation in 2014 to tackle the issue, Beer has just launched a world-first program tailored to the unique requirements of cooking for people in aged care settings. BIANCA ROBERTS chatted to the national treasure.

Dietitians demand accountability as people in aged care continue to drop weight

Following concerns about yesterday’s Residential Aged Care Quality Indicators report, Dietitians Australia is calling on the Federal Government to implement urgent measures to increase accountability in the nation’s residential aged care sector.  

Dietitians urge end to ’30-year pandemic of malnutrition’ in the aged care sector

Dietitians Australia is urging the aged care sector to add food and nutrition to its priorities throughout the current crisis. “We’ve identified practical measures that government can take to ensure all residents are adequately fed in the future,” CEO Robert Hunt Hunt says.

Peak nutrition body calls for national strategic approach to healthy eating in aged care and across the board

Prime Minister Scott Morrison's question regarding food prices at yesterday's National Press Club speech, has put a spotlight on the average food spend per resident in aged care and why 50 per cent are malnourished.

The mental health challenges facing ageing women: insights from female baby boomers

Members of the 'baby boomers' generation are now in their 50s, 60s, and 70s. Too often, the notion of an ageing population is assumed to mean that we – as individuals and collectively – are in decline. This construction of older members of society can have an adverse effect on mental health.

Focus on food and nutrition as aged care providers ramp up reports to strengthen individual care

As we celebrate Nutrition Week this week (October 10-16), food and nutrition for aged care residents across Australia will very soon come into sharp focus, as providers deliver their first reports under mechanisms to strengthen individual care.

SPC launches new nutritional food company tailored for aged care

One of the nation’s most iconic food groups, SPC, has unveiled a dedicated nutritional health care company, SPC Care, following the damning findings of the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety and the 2021 Federal Budget.

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