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Monday, August 15, 2022
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Medical Journal of Australia

Hip fracture survival rates after surgery improve since care standard introduced

Survival after surgery to repair hip fracture has improved in New South Wales, but not for patients who were hospitalised without undergoing surgery, according to research published yesterday by the Medical Journal of Australia.

Australian experts warn against fast-tracking of US-approved Alzheimer’s treatment drug: Special Report

In an article published in the Medical Journal of Australia, experts warn that despite FDA approval in the US, trial data for a new Alzheimer's treatment is not sufficient for Australian medical professionals to cite confidence in it. BIANCA ROBERTS investigates

COVID-19 vaccination mandate needs “strong justification” and fairness, experts argue

Mandatory vaccination proposals must be backed by “strong justification”, and less restrictive avenues to increase uptake must be “meaningfully attempted” first, according to authors of an article published by the Medical Journal of Australia.

People entering aged care with new GP being given increase of meds: new research

New research reveals people with dementia entering aged care with a new GP experienced a 20 per cent increase in prescribed medication.

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