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Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Macquarie University

‘Very optimistic’: Research offers hope for MND and Alzheimer’s gene treatment

Revolutionary gene therapies to treat motor neuron disease, Alzheimer’s and a severe form of childhood epilepsy may be just around the corner, with a new venture aiming to bring Macquarie University’s medical research to the world.

Budget funding injection for world-class centre for hearing and vision loss

NextSense, Australia’s leading non-government provider of services to people with hearing and vision loss, says it welcomes Tuesday’s Federal Budget contribution of $12.5 million towards its new innovation centre at Macquarie University.

Miniature brains offer new directions in dementia research

In between juggling home schooling and the other stresses of pandemic life, Macquarie University dementia researchers Associate Professor Yazi Ke and Professor Lars Ittner found that stem cell technology had progressed to a point where they could potentially use it to create miniature brains.

Please explain: What is a booster and why do I need one?

A high COVID-19 vaccination rate is allowing even the hardest-hit Australian states to begin to return to normal. But why do we need a third shot? Professor Janaki Amin, from the Macquarie University Department of Health Systems and Population, explains.

New research finds older people cope better in lockdown

Life experience is part of the reason that older people are handling lockdown with better mental and emotional wellbeing than their younger counterparts, according to new research.

New study reveals group excursions boost happiness in older people

Whether it's to ride a horse, take a hike or hop on a Harley, new Macquarie University research reveals the positive impacts for older people of getting out as part of a group.

New versions of MoCA test now cater to hearing and vision impaired

The Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) is the most widely used dementia screening test in the world. In fact, it’s the test former US President Donald Trump famously bragged about ‘aceing’ as part of his cognitive health check in 2018.

Older adults’ mental health the focus of newly funded screening tool

A new tool to provide mental health screening for older adults and enable early interventions is being developed thanks to funding provided by The Ian Potter Foundation.

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