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Designer Pound working to ensure future generations enter their older years with dignity

Annabelle Pound is a key member of human-centred design firm, Designit. She and her colleagues believe that in order to deliver true quality of care for elders across the nation, providers must move away from the ‘one-size fits all' approach. BIANCA ROBERTS reports

More electoral focus should be on people in real need: Vinnies

While the budget strategies of the major parties mention the need to assist Australians doing it tough, neither contains much detail about practical solutions to such crises as housing and homelessness, secure and properly paid work, inadequate JobSeeker, Disability Support Pension and (single) Parenting Payment, according to St Vincent de Paul (SVDP).

At least 25,000 social housing dwellings needed in Budget to stem housing crisis

Australia’s chronic underinvestment in social and affordable housing is worsening the housing affordability crisis and aggravating the cost to other areas of the Budget, with at least 25,000 new social housing dwellings needed in this year’s budget, according to a new position paper released by Everybody's Home.

Housing shortage hitting regional Australia, leaving lower income earners fearing for future

Expensive and competitive rental markets are affecting locals and newcomers in regional areas, as more people escape cities and work remotely during the pandemic. Experts say it's a crisis that will only worsen as demand for regional housing outstrips supply, pushing prices even higher and creating complex, far-reaching consequences for local economies and low-income workers.

Urgent call for social and affordable housing to stem sharp rental surge

An ever increasing number of workers in industries such as aged care, hospitality and other essential industries are paying between a third and half of their income for basic housing. Everybody's Home national spokesperson, Kate Colvin says expanding social and affordable housing is the best way to tackle this problem.

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