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heart health

Delayed diagnosis and upward trends in heart failure hospital admissions concerning: experts

Clinicians, patients, carers and politicians are joining leading charity hearts4heart in urging Australians to be smart about their heart, as they kick off Australia's inaugural Heart Failure Awareness Week (June 27-July 3).

It starts with your heart: two-thirds of at-risk Aussies ignoring vital heart check-ups

As we celebrate Heart Health Week, Heart Foundation is calling on Australians aged 45-74 to resume annual Heart Health Checks.

WA woman’s hospital death being investigated

Independent experts will investigate the death of a woman who suffered a heart attack after waiting for care at a regional West Australian hospital.

New therapy to lower cholesterol and stabilise plaques associated with heart attack

A novel new therapy has been found to reduce harmful plaque in arteries and change its composition so it is less likely to rupture and cause a heart attack, following a clinical trial led by the Victorian Heart Institute (VHI) at Monash University.

New research suggests sunshine vitamin important for cardio health

Free from the sun, vitamin D delivers a natural source for one of the hormones essential to our bodies, especially the bones. But when you’re down on this essential nutrient, it’s not only your bones that could suffer, but also your cardio health, according to new research from the University of South Australia.

Survivors of heart attacks not aware of ongoing risks: new research

Research suggests survivors of the nation's single-biggest killer aren't sufficiently aware of the ongoing risks. A Heart Foundation survey of 400 heart attack patients has revealed many weren't given resources to help them understand their condition or support their recovery when they left hospital.

Shock results for under-50s as two million Aussies take heart age test

Seven out of 10 Aussies yet to hit their 50s have a ‘heart age’ above their actual age, new figures reveal – and millions do not know their blood pressure or cholesterol numbers.

Cardiovascular disease deaths continue to fall, but 1.2 million Australians affected by heart, stroke or vascular disease

A new report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) shows that 1.2 million Australian adults had one or more conditions related to heart, stroke or vascular disease in 2017–18.

Fears 27,000 heart checks missed during pandemic could lead to wave of heart disease: new data

Nearly 350 heart attacks, strokes or heart-related deaths over the next five years could have been prevented if Heart Health Checks had not been missed or delayed because of COVID-19, according to new modelling released by the Heart Foundation. 

New tool to treat heart disease named as finalist in WA innovation awards

A new tool that provides cardiologists with rapid information to treat patients with heart disease and save the lives of those suffering heart attacks is a finalist in the WA Innovator of the Year 2021 Awards.

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