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Monday, May 23, 2022
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Flinders University

Insightful study on young onset Alzheimer’s disease helps inform clinical planning

People diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease at a younger age will experience faster symptom progression than their older counterparts, a new study has found, potentially causing their support systems to fall behind.

Important steps to helping older Australians avoid emergency departments

Improving the care of older Australians in a bid to help them avoid hospital emergency departments will be the focus of a new project that federal health minister Greg Hunt says has been awarded funding from the Medical Research Future Fund.

New surface coating for implant and medical device a barrier against ‘superbugs’

Australian researchers from Flinders University, Swinburne University of Technology and RMIT have come up with a way to give medical device surfaces new antimicrobial resistant powers to safeguard against infection, as well as improve and extend the implant’s possible life.

Online program improves wellbeing of stroke survivors

New research from the University of Newcastle and Flinders University has found that access to an online program that provides easily accessible, interactive, tailored healthy lifestyle and behaviour change techniques is associated with better health-related quality of life among adult stroke survivors.

Low vitamin C linked to cognitive impairment in older Australians

Cognitive impairment among older hospitalised Australians could be the result of low vitamin C levels, a Flinders University-led study has found, paving the way for a potential treatment.

New Centre for Growth and Translational Research to ’empower and engage the aged care workforce to unprecedented extent’

A new, state of the art $34 million research facility is providing fresh hope of developing an empowered aged care workforce and better clinical outcomes for older Australians.

Do we really ‘lose our filter’ as we age?

Many of us will have experienced some unexpected honesty from the older people in our lives. Whether it’s grandma telling you your outfit is unflattering or grandpa saying he doesn’t like the meal you’ve prepared, we often explain it away by saying “Oh, don’t mind grandpa, he’s just lost his filter”. But do we really have a “filter”, and do we lose it as we get older?

Scientists’ petri-dish breakthrough provides new hope for targeted neurological treatment

A new petri-dish able to grow and age live brain cells from patients with neurological disorders is a critical element in achieving targeted drug treatments for individuals with neurological disorders and could enhance future studies on conditions such as dementia, Parkinson’s, epilepsy and autism.

New Australian research shows the impact of long COVID on the body’s immune system

A research collaboration between SAHMRI, the University of Adelaide, Flinders University, the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, and the Royal Adelaide Hospital has shed new light on the impact of long COVID on the body’s immune system.

New $34 million research centre to ‘effectively address real and meaningful systemic changes for ageing Australians’

The Aged Care Centre for Growth and Translational Research will open next year at Flinders University in Adelaide to 'help ensure vital research leads to tangible outcomes for the aged care sector'.

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