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Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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Federal Labor

‘Fixing the aged care crisis’ won’t be easy – just 5% of homes above mandatory staffing targets

In his election victory speech, PM Anthony Albanese pledged to “fix the crisis in aged care”. One of the biggest challenges facing the Government is addressing widespread staffing shortages. Only a fraction of aged care homes currently have staffing levels above new minimum ratios that will be mandatory from October next year.

Labor’s pledge to properly pay women and care workers is a start, but it won’t be easy

The Fair Work Commission is now considering a claim by unions to increase award rates in aged care to an average of $29 an hour. But that won’t fix the deeper problem - that heavily-feminised occupations are undervalued. Labor is promising to make gender pay equity an objective of the Fair Work Act.

Sector welcomes Albanese Government while urging swift aged care action

A range of aged care stakeholder organisations and unions have congratulated new prime Minister Anthony Albanese and the Australian Labor Party on Saturday night's federal election victory, hoping the new Government will be swift and committed in addressing many of the pressing issues in the sector.

ANMF endorses Labor’s pledged support for care and community workers

The Australian Nursing and Midwifery Federation has welcomed an election pledge by federal opposition leader Anthony Albanese to establish an expert panel in the Fair Work Commission specifically for low-paid care workers, saying it will give them equal access to improved wages and conditions.

Serving up choice and dignity in aged care – how meals are enjoyed is about more than what’s on the plate

Meals are rituals built around pleasures and choices. While what is served at mealtimes in aged care homes has received recent attention and Labor has pledged to improve the food offered, new research highlights that how meals are offered is just as important.

Labor’s plans for aged care are targeted but fall short of what’s needed: Opinion

While Labor’s announcements in Anthony Albanese's budget reply speech last week are worthy initiatives, they stop short of the comprehensive plan we need for reform, according to La Trobe University's HAL SWERISSEN.

Colbeck pounces on Labor admission that aged care nurse rollout may need to be paused

Federal Liberals have attacked their Labor counterparts' aged care policy, after the shadow attorney-general suggested a possible pause on its one-year deadline to have a registered nurse in every aged care facility at all times.

Labor aims to tackle home care fee rorts with real action

Labor is promising to put a cap on home care fees should it win the federal election due in mid-May.

Fed up aged care workers rally outside Federal Parliament demanding change

The Federal Government was squarely in the campaign sights of aged care workers who rallied outside Federal Parliament yesterday, after being, what they call 'dudded', in Tuesday night's Budget.

Aged care workers are our most poorly paid – O’Neil continues attack on Govt

Aged care workers have lashed out at conditions in the sector as it deals with a surge of COVID-19 conditions, labelling it as a "factory", as Labor intensifies pressure on the minister to resign.

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