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Thursday, December 7, 2023
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dementia awareness

Ageing population means impact of dementia steadily on the rise

Dementia has overtaken coronary heart disease as the leading cause of 'disease burden' among Australians aged 65 and over.

Women’s greater dementia risk may be linked to disadvantage

A large international study of dementia risk involving almost 30,000 people from 18 countries covering all six continents suggests that social and economic disadvantage may explain the higher risk of the condition in women.

Culturally safe dementia care must be prioritised as part of an adaptive and evolving sector

Dementia affects a far higher proportion of CALD elders than those born in Australia, yet mainstream providers and workers continue to make little allowance for the unique needs of these elders. NARI's Professor Bianca Brijnath, offers a number of practical tips and strategies for the road ahead, spearheaded by clear lines of communication and a willingness to listen and learn from diverse communities. BIANCA ROBERTS reports

Fishbowl encore an opportunity to showcase and champion improved dementia care quality

Returning to the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2023 from March 7-19, The Fishbowl is a fabulous one-hour experimental theatre performance inspired by actor, aged care worker and writer Matthew Barker's personal diary entries from 2016 while working in a memory support unit. New audio has been added for the 2023 iteration of the play, comprising interview material from experts, other aged care workers and family members of those with lived experience of dementia. BIANCA ROBERTS reports

Excitement as new drug slowing Alzheimer’s disease progression gets FDA green light in US

Dementia Australia says it welcomes the announcement by the United States Food and Drug Administration approving 'lecanemab', a new disease modifying treatment for people living with the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease or mild cognitive impairment. 

Go-to resource for meaningful consultation with people impacted by dementia

Dementia Australia has released Half the Story, a guide co-authored by people impacted by dementia for organisations to engage in meaningful consultation with people living with dementia, their families and carers.

Understanding the link between alcohol consumption and risk of dementia

A recent study led by Dr Louise Mewton at UNSW’s Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing (CHeBA) has reignited the debate about whether low levels of drinking could be positive for health.

World-first study of centenarians looks at prevalence of dementia

New research led by CHeBA has addressed the issue of limited understanding of the prevalence of dementia in centenarians and near-centenarians (aged 95+) and whether the risk of dementia continues to rise beyond 100.

Music playlists aiming to improve residents’ emotional states and cognitive capacities

Music's therapeutic effects are now widely acknowledged as a staple of quality, person-centred care for those living with dementia. Experts at Lottie, a UK-based aged care navigation service, have analysed the musical attributes of 600 different songs, using Spotify data, in order to create a playlist which would benefit anyone experiencing the symptoms of dementia. BIANCA ROBERTS reports

Innovative golden oldies broadcaster honoured with 2022 Australian Mental Health Prize

The cheerful sound of golden oldies is being piped into 200 aged care homes across Australia, thanks to the efforts of broadcaster Gary Thorpe. Thorpe has been named as one of the four winners of the 2022 Australian Mental Health Prize for his efforts at Silver Memories, which now broadcasts 24 hours a day.

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