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Monday, May 23, 2022
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Dementia Australia

Quality dementia care must be an ongoing priority for the upcoming 47th parliament

As the federal election ticks down, Australians impacted by dementia are calling on all candidates to pledge that providing quality dementia care will be placed firmly at the top of the agenda for the ongoing systemic aged care reforms in the 47th parliament.

Putting the brakes on dementia – a MedConnect panel event

Join host ABC journalist Tegan Taylor at 6pm on Wednesday, April 27 as she talks to the chair of the Dementia Australia board, Professor Graeme Samuel, and geriatrician Dr Stephanie Ward, UNSW Senior Research Fellow from CHeBA, about the challenges imposed by this disease.

Dementia Australia calls on all parties, all candidates to keep disease at top of agenda

Dementia Australia is calling on all political parties and candidates to declare commitments to the delivery of quality dementia care in their election policy platforms.

Ask Annie app modules available for free as gift to support aged care sector

With the support of Gandel Foundation, Ask Annie – Dementia Australia’s mobile app that offers short, self-paced learning modules to help care workers refresh their skills and learn tips and tools to provide better care to people living with dementia – is now available for individual download with three free introductory modules gifted to support the aged care sector.

Dementia Australia acknowledges Government’s continued commitment to aged care reform

"As we turn towards the election, while the pandemic will continue to present significant challenges across society, we must work with all parties and sectors to ensure providing better care for people living with dementia now and into the future remains a priority," Dementia Australia CEO Maree McCabe says.

New study finds where we live a factor in dementia risk

A Monash University study has found people who live in more affluent areas have superior memories and a lower risk of developing dementia.

A year on from the royal commission a robust aged care system needed more than ever

A year since the royal commission and now into the third year of the pandemic, Dementia Australia has reiterated the need for a robust aged care system to provide quality care to people living with dementia.

‘Social prescriptions’ offer new and exciting non-pharmaceutical dementia treatment

Pharmaceutical interventions are a long standing approach to managing symptoms of dementia, but many come with side effects. A new approach called “social prescribing” - based around engagement with community and social connection - has been showing some promise. BIANCA ROBERTS reports

Today’s aged care falls well short of how we’d like to be treated – but there is another way

The staff in aged care are currently set up to fail. But the real failure of the system is the lack of funding that prevents making the changes already shown to work better.

Partnership to transform dementia care in residential aged care

A partnership project led by the University of Sydney has received funding from the Australian Government to improve the independence, health and wellbeing of people living with dementia in residential aged care.

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