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Tuesday, June 28, 2022
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‘Enduring power of attorney’: Compass webinar helps start the conversation

Creating an enduring power of attorney (EPoA) is an incredibly intimidating thought for many elders, but a recent Compass webinar has superbly broken down the issue and provided advice on how to safely enter into such an arrangement. BIANCA ROBERTS dialed in

Making an enduring power of attorney – a free Compass upcoming webinar

Elder Abuse Action Australia, together with Compass, is hosting a free webinar to highlight the importance for all people over the age of 65 to have in place an 'Enduring Power of Attorney' document that ensures your financial decisions will be looked after if you become unable to manage your own affairs.

Webinar to delve into financial abuse and the benefits of creating a formal Family Agreement

Financial abuse of older Australians is a common scourge, with research showing that 60 per cent of Australians are concerned an elder they know is at risk. Despite the concern, many are unaware of the protection that can be offered through the creation of a formal Family Agreement, to be discussed in an upcoming one-hour webinar from Compass.

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