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Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Catholic health australia

Sector welcomes Albanese Government while urging swift aged care action

A range of aged care stakeholder organisations and unions have congratulated new prime Minister Anthony Albanese and the Australian Labor Party on Saturday night's federal election victory, hoping the new Government will be swift and committed in addressing many of the pressing issues in the sector.

Covid likely to trigger wave of aged care closures unless new funding is found: CHA

Catholic Health Australia is warning dozens of aged care homes around Australia are on the verge of collapse due to the heavy drain on their already-strained finances created by the resurgence of COVID-19.

CHA urges state governments to move swiftly on increase of aged care visitors

Catholic Health Australia says it welcomes the Federal Government's plan to allow greater access to visitors, and is urging the states to move quickly on the implementation of the plan.

CHA says federal budget must tackle Covid costs as well as aged care issues

Catholic Health Australia is calling on the Government to go beyond retention bonuses for aged care staff and use the upcoming Budget to slash training fees for would be workers and lift care subsidies to provide urgent relief in the Omicron-plagued sector.

CHA welcomes booster shot but wants it compulsory for all health and aged care workers

Catholic Health Australia says it welcomes the approval of a booster COVID-19 shot, but is calling on the Government to ensure health and aged care workers remain a priority and that the shots are compulsory.

Catholic sector welcomes Federal Government push back against euthanasia

Catholic hospitals and Catholic aged care providers have welcomed the news the Federal Government has declared it has no intention of reversing a ban to allow the Territories to introduce assisted suicide.

How Catholic aged care operators stepped up to mark on Covid vaccinations

The Catholic residential aged care sector has spoken about how - against all odds - its members rose to the challenge of vaccinating their staff by the nationwide mid-September deadline.

Catholic hospitals urge SA Government to mandate covid vax

Catholic Health Australia (CHA) is urging the South Australian Government to follow the example set by other states and urgently mandate the vaccination of healthcare workers against COVID-19.

CHA calls for urgent approval of booster shots as immunity begins to wear off

Catholic Health Australia (CHA) is calling for the urgent approval of a Covid vaccine booster shot to avoid an October 2021 vaccination immunity 'cliff' currently looming on the horizon for Australia's hospitals and aged care facilities.

Catholic providers warn of aged care vaccination blind spot

Aged care providers have warned of a coronavirus blind spot if community workers are not included in a vaccine mandate. Catholic Health Australia, which represents residential...

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