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Aged care sector stubbornly resisting telehealth uptake in COVID-normal phase

Telehealth was a vital alternative to in-person medical consultations during the COVID lockdowns, but recent changes to the Medicare Benefits Scheme and a lack of high speed, wireless internet connections that are accessible to aged care residents and their families has resulted in a poor uptake of telehealth in the sector. BIANCA ROBERTS chatted with CEO and founder of Coviu, Australia’s leading telehealth service provider, Dr Silvia Pfeiffer.

Sophisticated or insufficient? Stakeholders argue pros and cons of new AN-ACC funding model

The new AN-ACC funding model for residential aged care is just six months from implementation, and while many believe it to be a promising improvement on the much-derided outgoing ACFI model, others have sticking points that require answers. BIANCA ROBERTS investigates

APA confident, advocates wary re: Colbeck’s understanding of role of physio in aged care

The Australian Physiotherapy Association says there is light at the end of the tunnel regarding the suspected “death of allied health” provision in residential aged care - a feared consequence of perceived holes in new funding instrument, the AN-ACC. BIANCA ROBERTS reports

Government’s prescriptive funding of aged care services woefully inadequate

The rights of older people have been neglected for too long, SCOTT WILLIS says. Every recipient of health services should have access to evidence-based treatments and support but the current prescriptive funding of residential aged care services, in place since 2007, is woefully inadequate.

CHA welcomes telehealth permanency announcement

Catholic Health Australia has welcomed the Federal Government's announcement that telehealth will become a permanent feature of primary health care.

Senate committee hears allied health issue ‘a matter of life and death’ for aged care residents

The fight for explicit allied health provision within the incoming AN-ACC funding model has been brought to the (virtual) doorsteps of parliament during an online Senate Committee hearing.

Vaccine mandate set for most SA health workers

A COVID-19 vaccine mandate covering almost all health workers in South Australia will apply from November 8.

Stakeholders at loggerheads regarding AN-ACC and future allied health provision in aged care

The Australian Department of Health, researchers and allied health practitioners are at odds in the debate surrounding the perceived effectiveness of the new funding tool for services in residential aged care.

Health leader calls for community-based care lift to help hospitals

Allied health educators are calling for an increase in community-based care to keep hospitals and emergency departments functioning as more people are affected by chronic health conditions, including the lingering effects of COVID-19.

Campaign kicks off to ‘stop the death of allied health in aged care’

Concerned members of the public, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, and others who work in nursing homes are joining together in a grassroots campaign to stop the death of allied health in aged care.

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