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Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Delayed diagnosis and upward trends in heart failure hospital admissions concerning: experts

Clinicians, patients, carers and politicians are joining leading charity hearts4heart in urging Australians to be smart about their heart, as they kick off Australia's inaugural Heart Failure Awareness Week (June 27-July 3).

Inside Everybody’s Oma – the doco on family, hope, love and learning while living with dementia

Accumulating more than 140,000 followers, the Oma’s Applesauce Facebook page has for the past few years shared Hendrika Van Genderen’s journey with dementia through a series of short video clips taken by her filmmaker son, Jason Van Genderen. Those clips, an inspiration to millions online, have now been woven together into a powerful, feature length film titled Everybody’s Oma. BIANCA ROBERTS chatted to Jason about the project.

Heart Health Week – how ECG screening for irregular heartbeats is saving lives

One in three Australians will develop an irregular heartbeat (or Atrial Fibrillation), yet many will have no idea until they suffer a stroke. To celebrate Heart Health Week (May 2-8), Professor Ben Freedman, one of Australia's leading experts, will lead the world's largest screening of AF with an ECG to help prevent stroke.

Designer Pound working to ensure future generations enter their older years with dignity

Annabelle Pound is a key member of human-centred design firm, Designit. She and her colleagues believe that in order to deliver true quality of care for elders across the nation, providers must move away from the ‘one-size fits all' approach. BIANCA ROBERTS reports

Bruce Willis diagnosis shines light on condition affecting 120,000 mostly older Australians

It was announced earlier this week that Hollywood star Bruce Willis is retiring from acting aged 67 after being diagnosed with the condition aphasia, a neurological condition affecting around 120,000, predominately older Australians. Australian researchers have been working tirelessly to produce treatments for the debilitating condition, which according to the Stroke Foundation affects one in three stroke survivors. BIANCA ROBERTS reports

As we age we react more positively to both emotional and neutral stimuli – new study

It's an age-old question: do we get better at regulating our emotions as we age? The answer, according to a study conducted by UNSW psychologist Dr Susanne Schweizer and colleagues from the University of Cambridge, seems to be 'Yes'.

Energy consumption crucial for helping older Australians manage their health and wellbeing

Here and overseas, people are encouraged to stay in their own homes as they age. However, bill anxiety over high energy costs mean many are sacrificing bodily comfort by avoiding the use of heaters, air-conditioning and other appliances. The links between health, well-being and energy consumption are explored in new research led by QUT’s Professor Ross Gordon.

Melb Design Week portrait exhibition showcases good design features for healthy ageing

At a Melbourne Design Week 2022 narrative portrait exhibition by Monash University’s Rehabilitation, Ageing and Independent Living (RAIL) Research Centre and the National Centre for Healthy Ageing (NCHA), ways to design for ‘civic good’ are being championed to empower people to ‘design the world they want’.

Elderly dog owners almost 50 per cent less likely to have a disability – new research

Elderly dog owners may be 50 per cent less likely to have a disability than non-dog owners, according to Australian and Japanese research involving more than 11,000 older Japanese adults.

Why is menopause still a taboo subject?

While menopause is a natural part of ageing, for many it remains an uncomfortable discussion subject. This transitional phase of life, though, is an opportunity to reset and empower.

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