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Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Webinar on ‘Preventing sexual assault of people with dementia in residential aged care’

This important OPAN webinar outlines the role that perceptions of people with dementia play in their vulnerability to sexual assault in residential aged care and offers practical resources for prevention.

Today’s aged care falls well short of how we’d like to be treated – but there is another way

The staff in aged care are currently set up to fail. But the real failure of the system is the lack of funding that prevents making the changes already shown to work better.

How good design can make aged care facilities feel more like home

Residential aged care buildings are often institutionally designed, with long corridors, vast dining rooms, nursing stations and bland corporate furnishings. So, how can we make aged care facilities feel more like home, while keeping them pandemic-safe?

Should aged care compliance reporting requirements remain, despite pandemic’s extraordinary challenges?

In a situation report released on February 3 by the AACC, concerns were expressed that, in light of ongoing workforce shortages and cycles of furloughing as more and more workers succumb to COVID-19, it is simply unfeasible for the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (ACQSC) to expect reporting to be filed. But others say it is imperative that compliance reporting continue. BIANCA ROBERTS reports

Despite Govt claims, the number of younger people living in aged care has barely dropped: special report

In November, Aged Care News reported that the common practice of utilising RACFs as accommodation for younger people had come at a terrible cost to their wellbeing. Despite Government aims to have no people under the age of 45 living in RACFs by 2022, and under the age of 65 by 2025, little - if any - progress has been made. BIANCA ROBERTS reports

COVID deaths in aged care pass 2020 toll

More people have died in residential aged care from COVID-19 in just two months than during the whole of 2020, a Senate committee has been told.

Isolated, confused and depressed: the pandemic’s toll on people with dementia and their carers

The COVID pandemic has had a huge impact on people living with dementia and their family carers around the world. A new study has found people with dementia experienced worse symptoms after the pandemic began.

While bonus payments at least acknowledge sector professionalism, overdue reform must be the goal

While the Federal Government’s announcement of up to $800 in bonus payments to aged care staff has been dismissed by some as a pre-election stunt, for many toiling in an under-pressure sector, it is at least a tacit acknowledgement of their incredible professionalism in caring for our most vulnerable during this prolonged pandemic.

Aged Care Reform Now providing a voice for the silent masses

Political-action group Aged Care Reform Now are on a mission to provide a real voice for people in the sector - and will not stop until tangible reforms are materialised. BIANCA ROBERTS sat down with passionate retired nurses Liz Barton and Cecilia Webster to discuss the important work they're doing.

HSU welcomes opposition leader’s aged care declaration

Federal Labor leader Anthony Albanese said on ASaturday that he supports the Health Services Union (HSU) Fair Work Commission case for a 25 per cent wage increase for aged care, providing what HSU national president, Gerard Hayes said is 'a massive boost to the workforce, support attraction and retention of staff and improve quality of care'.

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