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Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Pre-election ACRN questionnaire asks politicians: ‘where do you stand on aged care?’

Political action group Aged Care Reform Now is ramping up its pre-election campaign, and if politicians think that spin will suffice during this election cycle, they are greatly underestimating the group’s fight for real accountability. BIANCA ROBERTS reports

Frustration as Government’s religious bill debate prioritised over aged care crisis

Aged care is on the Government agenda this week, however cynicism abounds, with claims from advocates that aged care has been left on the back-burner yet again. BIANCA ROBERTS reports

Aged Care Reform Now providing a voice for the silent masses

Political-action group Aged Care Reform Now are on a mission to provide a real voice for people in the sector - and will not stop until tangible reforms are materialised. BIANCA ROBERTS sat down with passionate retired nurses Liz Barton and Cecilia Webster to discuss the important work they're doing.

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