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Research & Practice

Monitoring devices and apps help cardiac rehabilitation: new research

Using activity-monitoring devices and mobile applications helps improve the physical activity and health outcomes of patients undertaking cardiac rehabilitation programs, according to new research from Flinders University’s College of Nursing and Health Sciences.

Progress on Alzheimer’s blood test could improve early intervention opportunities

Researchers have taken a step closer to developing a blood test to detect Alzheimer’s disease long before symptoms appear and potentially in enough time to defend against the disease.

Pharmacist deregistered for stealing returned drugs

A pharmacist who rummaged through a bin used to return unwanted medicines has been deregistered after taking away 11 prescription capsules.

Can flossing actually help prevent Alzheimer’s and strokes?

Skipped dental checkups and failure to floss could affect more than teeth and gums. A periodontal expert explains why.

Link found between blood components and brain disorders – new study

A Mater Research study has identified a previously unknown genetic link between platelets and Parkinson’s Disease, with findings published in international journal Cell Genomics last week.

Australians young and old crying out for desperately needed mental health care reform

Older Australians are at high-risk for mental distress and suicide, yet their current level of support and care remains hopelessly inadequate. While it's imperative that government be proactive with measures to address the crisis, aged care providers and workers, too, have a vital role to play in improving the culture relating to mental health issues in this country. BIANCA ROBERTS spoke to SANE Australia CEO Rachel Green in search of some answers.

CSIRO researchers use machine learning to advance Alzheimer’s research

Scientists from CSIRO, in partnership with Queensland University of Technology, have used artificial intelligence to develop a world-first benchmark for measuring brain atrophy – or thinning – in neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease.

Major rise in antidepressants being used to treat pain – but are they effective?

Drugs designed to treat depression are increasingly being used to alleviate chronic pain conditions, but new Australian research has revealed the most commonly prescribed antidepressant offers little or no pain relief.

New end-of-life care toolkit to help aged care staff proving big success

The Advance Project toolkit aims to boost the number of aged care residents with dementia benefitting from palliative care and end-of-life support, and has already been accessed by a huge range of care workers, allied health staff, nurses and GPs.

Concussions may be associated with worse brain function at later age: study

Repeated concussions are linked to worse brain function in later life, according to new research. The findings show people who reported experiencing three or more lifetime concussions had worse cognitive function at baseline than those with no concussion history.

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