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How to complain about aged care and get the result you want

You or a loved one in residential aged care may have concerns about personal or medical care, being adequately consulted about changes to care, or be concerned about charges on the latest bill. You could also be concerned about theft, neglect or abuse. Here’s how you can raise issues with the relevant person or authority to improve care and support.

Palliative Care Week highlights important discussions we should all have: opinion

No one in the “prime of their life” thinks to sit down and discuss with their family how they want to be treated at the end of their life, but it’s an important discussion that we should all have. As we look toward Palliative Care Week (May 22-28) those of us who work in the sector hope it will spark more open conversations about what happens at the end of life.

Labor’s plans for aged care are targeted but fall short of what’s needed: Opinion

While Labor’s announcements in Anthony Albanese's budget reply speech last week are worthy initiatives, they stop short of the comprehensive plan we need for reform, according to La Trobe University's HAL SWERISSEN.

Technology critical for delivering equitable, efficient, and economic outcomes into our future: Opinion

InteliCare CEO Jason Waller says more money simply isn’t going to fix the structural issues of a critical workforce shortage. Until we work smarter, empowering workers with technology that allows them to deliver better care to more people more efficiently, the budget simply goes unspent and services continue to go undelivered.

Government’s prescriptive funding of aged care services woefully inadequate

The rights of older people have been neglected for too long, SCOTT WILLIS says. Every recipient of health services should have access to evidence-based treatments and support but the current prescriptive funding of residential aged care services, in place since 2007, is woefully inadequate.

Our elderly are suffering in silence – it’s time we heard them

Tracey Ryan is a Special Counsel and the General Manager of Loss Recovery practices in a large law firm. She says since the royal commission things have got much worse in aged care, in what amounts to gross failings of the most vulnerable in our society.

COVID mask mandates might be largely gone but here are 5 reasons to keep wearing yours

While mask mandates in most indoor settings might have been dropped in New South Wales, Victoria and the ACT, with Queensland to follow later this week, there are a few compelling reasons for you to keep wearing yours.

Today’s aged care falls well short of how we’d like to be treated – but there is another way

The staff in aged care are currently set up to fail. But the real failure of the system is the lack of funding that prevents making the changes already shown to work better.

How good design can make aged care facilities feel more like home

Residential aged care buildings are often institutionally designed, with long corridors, vast dining rooms, nursing stations and bland corporate furnishings. So, how can we make aged care facilities feel more like home, while keeping them pandemic-safe?

Do we really ‘lose our filter’ as we age?

Many of us will have experienced some unexpected honesty from the older people in our lives. Whether it’s grandma telling you your outfit is unflattering or grandpa saying he doesn’t like the meal you’ve prepared, we often explain it away by saying “Oh, don’t mind grandpa, he’s just lost his filter”. But do we really have a “filter”, and do we lose it as we get older?

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