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Irregular sleeping habits may increase risk of atherosclerosis in older adults

Sleeping an inconsistent number of hours each night and falling asleep at different times may increase the risk of developing atherosclerosis among adults older than 45 compared to people with more consistent sleep habits, according to new research.

Ad campaign feedback highlights need for greater investment in palliative care

An independent evaluation of a recent national advertising campaign led by Palliative Care Australia adds further weight to the need for greater investment in the palliative care workforce and services.

Women’s greater dementia risk may be linked to disadvantage

A large international study of dementia risk involving almost 30,000 people from 18 countries covering all six continents suggests that social and economic disadvantage may explain the higher risk of the condition in women.

How a pokies-addicted elderly woman defrauded her stroke victim friend

Shirley Ann Eiby's friend had appointed her as enduring power of attorney for financial matters, before suffering a stroke in July 2018. From September of that year to January 2019 Eiby, 80, then dishonestly withdrew $289,604 from her friend's accounts in 149 transactions to spend on poker machines. She's just been sentenced to five years in jail.

More testosterone may not be key to men ageing gracefully: new research

A new study has provided fresh insights into the complex relationship between testosterone and biological ageing in men, suggesting that higher testosterone levels may not be the answer for men wanting to slow the ageing process.

Culturally safe dementia care must be prioritised as part of an adaptive and evolving sector

Dementia affects a far higher proportion of CALD elders than those born in Australia, yet mainstream providers and workers continue to make little allowance for the unique needs of these elders. NARI's Professor Bianca Brijnath, offers a number of practical tips and strategies for the road ahead, spearheaded by clear lines of communication and a willingness to listen and learn from diverse communities. BIANCA ROBERTS reports

Inquiry into COVID pandemic response ‘in the not too distant future’

A probe into Australia's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic will likely begin once the country emerges from recent waves of the virus.

Older adults can reduce loneliness through volunteering hours: new research

Volunteering not only fulfills a sense of purpose for older adults by helping others, it also can alleviate loneliness, especially when volunteering more than 100 hours per year, according to a new University of Michigan study.

Health professional backs calls for more stroke support after system failure

A Northern Rivers psychologist who had to fight three weeks for a diagnosis and advocate for his own recovery is calling for more support for survivors of stroke.

Health Committee to hear from long COVID patients, hold roundtable with experts

The House Standing Committee on Health, Aged Care and Sport will hear from Australians living with long COVID and other post-viral illness at a...

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