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Wednesday, May 25, 2022
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Exciting VR project allowing older persons to revisit their past and explore new worlds

A collaboration between the Queensland University of Technology Design Lab, Griffith University, the University of Melbourne and La Trobe University has unveiled the transformative power of integrating virtual reality (VR) in aged care settings.

Rural Locum Assistance Program a great work/travel opportunity for aged care workers

Aged care workers will now have the opportunity to receive subsidised travel across the country by signing up to do locum work in some of the nation's most under-resourced rural facilities. Liam Correy, a registered nurse from Hobart, has travelled to more than ten different sites across regional WA, and says the compensation for his travel has allowed him to explore the country to an extent that he never dreamed of. BIANCA ROBERTS reports

Sector welcomes Albanese Government while urging swift aged care action

A range of aged care stakeholder organisations and unions have congratulated new prime Minister Anthony Albanese and the Australian Labor Party (ALP) on Saturday night's federal election victory, hoping the new Government will be swift and committed in addressing many of the pressing issues in the sector.

CHA calls for urgent reform as new data reveals 82,156 aged care and hospital vacancies

Catholic Health Australia (CHA) is calling on the new Federal Minister for Health post-election to introduce urgent and high-impact reforms to fill 82,156 hospital and aged care vacancies, after a new study revealed the startling detail of the national health staffing crisis for the first time.

Pre-election strike action an insight into level of ‘anger and frustration’ of workers

On the eve of the election, strike action continues as aged care workers from Queensland’s Blue Care and Churches of Christ residential aged facilities are walking off the job today, intensifying pressure on the political parties to enact reforms post-election. BIANCA ROBERTS reports

Money is vital but systemic reforms that improve service accessibility are just as important: expert

Dr Danny Davis is managing director of not-for-profit community service provider LINK Community and Transport. He's been working to improve the effectiveness of government programs, having completed his PhD on the topic of quality-driven governance models and spoke to BIANCA ROBERTS.

NSW legalises voluntary assisted dying, advocacy campaign shifts to ACT and NT

After decades of campaigning NSW has become the last state in Australia to pass laws allowing people with a terminal illness to voluntarily end their own life.

Solution to chronic wounds bleedingly obvious: comprehensive reforms, but who will deliver?

Wounds Australia has released a range of scorecards which rate the health policy proposals of the major parties and key independents as they relate to wound care. Whichever party wins the election, a commitment to comprehensive reforms is needed. BIANCA ROBERTS reports

Volunteer of the Year says when it comes to helping others ‘it’s just in my heart’

Christine Sward has been a volunteer at Christian Homes Tasmania for more than 20 years. A popular winner of last year's ACSA's National Volunteer of the Year award, she speaks to BIANCA ROBERTS about the satisfaction and fulfillment she gets out of volunteering, and why others should consider it.

Time to shine a light on dire situation in aged care: facility CEO opens up on crisis

Colin Osborne is CEO of Peninsula Villages on the NSW Central Coast, which accommodates 300 residents across its three residential care facilities. Never in his 35 years of working in the health industry has he seen the kind of crisis level exhaustion that he is seeing on a daily basis from frontline aged care workers at present.

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