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Five reasons to look after elderly neighbours in heatwaves

By Sarah Cunningham, Griffith University and Shannon Rutherford, Griffith University We all know someone who insists on wearing a cardigan in summer or refuses to...

Uncovering the secrets of SuperAgers – who are redefining what old age looks like

A new USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology project aims to provide life lessons from the people who are redefining old age.

Acknowledging hearing loss at Christmas time, and a few tips on providing support

If you suspect or know that someone at your Christmas event might be experiencing hearing loss, there are a few things you can do to support them so that they can have an enjoyable Christmas, too.

Providers the frontline in preventing healthcare associated infections in aged care

Healthcare associated infections (HAIs) are one of the most common complications among people receiving care. Allied BioServices CEO Tim Smith says more can be done to protect residents living in aged care against avoidable infections and help relieve strain on our aged care and healthcare systems.

Technology can help support and manage aged care minute requirements

With each aged care facility now having to meet an individualised average minute requirement, the costs of non-compliance will be severe. With the risk of fines, reduced government support, and workplace disruption hanging over the heads of providers, Ceridian's Katie Arthur and Courtney Coates explain how effective human capital management software can help ease the pressure.

Understanding the link between alcohol consumption and risk of dementia

A recent study led by Dr Louise Mewton at UNSW’s Centre for Healthy Brain Ageing (CHeBA) has reignited the debate about whether low levels of drinking could be positive for health.

Paxlovid is Australia’s first-line COVID antiviral but Lagevrio also prevents severe disease in over-70s

Australia is experiencing the fourth wave of COVID for 2022, with the number of people hospitalised with COVID trending to levels seen in winter and ongoing high levels of deaths. New COVID waves are expected to occur every three to four months for some time.

Previous COVID infection may not protect you from the new subvariant wave. Are you due for a booster?

COVID cases in Australia appear to be on the increase, most likely due to community transmission of the Omicron variant XBB. Australia’s chief health officer Paul Kelly says, “All indications are that this is the start of a new COVID-19 wave in Australia.”

Of the older people who get lost, those with dementia are more likely to survive

Up to 60 per cent of people with dementia will experience becoming lost during the course of living with the disease. Monash University's Marta Woolford and Professor Joseph Ibrahim have conducted a study of search and rescue incidents in the United States, and found for older people with dementia, the results were surprising and counterintuitive.

Fixing Australia’s home-based aged care system

Currently, there are more than 50,000 Australians on a waiting list for a home-care package. These people are frequently isolated, and are generally frail and grappling with a few health conditions.

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