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Arcare Brighton launches Mobi-Mat program just in time for summer

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To kick off the summer season, on Monday, December 6, Arcare Brighton launched Arcare Aged Care’s new Mobi-Mat program.

The Mobi-Mat is portable nonslip mat that enables those using wheelchairs, mobility scooters and walkers to access the beach.

When laid across the sand, the mats create an even surface, creating a safe passage for anyone to cross.

As a part of the national lifestyle program, Arcare invested in three Mobi-Mats for their lifestyle teams across Australia to utilise for their beach outings.

Arcare Brighton lifestyle coordinator, Lea Damasco said the mats have been a welcome means of facilitating beach access for residents.

The Mobi-Mats enable residents with limited mobility to get right to the water’s edge.

“I had many residents request that we visit the beach after lockdown, as they mentioned missing the feeling of sand between their toes,” Damasco says.

“However, as many of our residents have mobility issues, it meant that they would have to stay on the paths before the sand.

“With our new Mobi-Mats, these residents are now able to safely get out on the sand and enjoy the beach once again.”

Six team members from the Arcare Brighton community accompanied six residents on their outing to Elwood Beach, on the eastern shore of Port Phillip Bay, last week, where the residents utilised their mobility mats for the first time.

Covering the 30 metres down to the shoreline with a minimum of fuss, the residents walked along the beach with the assistance of team members to get close to the water’s edge.

“It was a fantastic experience and I highly recommend trying it,” Arcare Brighton resident, Fiona says.

“It was great way for everyone to come together.”

Six carers and six residents from Arcare Brighton enjoyed a wonderful outing to Elwood Beach in glorious conditions.

The beach outing was not only a great way for residents to absorb some welcome vitamin D, but the sensory experience also helped improve stress levels and increased overall happiness for those who attended.

“It was a great feeling to be instrumental in bringing out our residents, who have loved the beach and have missed visiting after so long.” Arcare Brighton general services manager, Oliver Fajardo says.

“You could see it on their faces how happy these mats made these residents.”

Since Arcare Brighton’s outing, other communities have been inspired to try the new Mobi-Mats, with Arcare residences in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland planning their trips to their local beaches over the summer months.

“It’s very fulfilling to make this outing happen, and I’m proud that Arcare has found a way to enable residents from all backgrounds and mobility levels to enjoy the beach once again,” Damasco says.

“I’m truly proud of the Arcare Brighton team’s efforts to make this outing a success.”

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