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LASA Leadership Program a superb opportunity to enhance and develop skills specific to aged care

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Enrolments for the 2021 LASA Leadership Program are now open, providing the opportunity to enrich and inspire current and emerging leaders within the aged care industry.

The interactive, six-month programme provides participants with guidance on how to develop self-awareness and styles of leadership specific to the aged care industry.

It’s an approach that last year’s participants found surprising, dismantling some of the most common misconceptions about leadership.

Sean Rooney, chief executive officer at LASA, tells Aged Care News that the course uses self-awareness as a foundation – the vital building block of emotional intelligence.

“It’s almost impossible to lead others unless you recognise your own strengths and weaknesses,” he says.

“Knowing what triggers a reaction from yourself in certain situations, and how you will handle that situation, helps the leader to develop skills of calm and poise, and the ability to respond rather than to react to difficult and complex situations.”

He also notes that self-awareness is a vital component of empathy.

“It fosters the ability to understand the person one is leading, and leads to improved teamwork and morale,” Rooney says.

The course will be facilitated by Cheryl Edwards, LASA’s residential aged care specialist, who has 36 years’ experience in residential aged care management. 

Edwards tells Aged Care News that the course will also help participants develop good, clear and concise communication, in a style that suits their individual personality type.

“Being Myers-Briggs qualified helps me as the facilitator to quickly and respectfully understand the needs of the different participants within each group who are attending the course,” she says.

“The leadership course doesn’t promote one style over another, rather it helps people of all innate or core dispositions to see how they can work with members of the team and other leaders who are quite different in their preferred personal styles.”

Those new to leadership, or with minimal experience are just as welcome as current leaders, says Rooney.

“I would strongly encourage those who are a bit nervous and those lacking in confidence as this course is very practical,” he says.

“It provides many opportunities for participation in a safe environment and to learn some fundamental leadership skills that will enhance their lives both personally and professionally.”

The LASA Leadership Program can be used as partial credit towards nationally recognised training in the Diploma of Leadership and Management.

To find out more about the course, follow this link.

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