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Victoria’s aged care facility workers – exempt from authorised worker permit scheme

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Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews recently announced that from 11:59pm Tuesday, August 17, across metropolitan Melbourne, permits will be required for people to travel and attend workplaces to perform authorised work, unless an exemption applies.

Please note that aged care workers directly employed by residential aged care facilities (RACFs) are exempt, and are not required to obtain a permit.

Workers who are not required to have a permit, must carry identification from their place of work which includes:

  • their name and place of work
  • photo identification

If a person’s workplace identification does not include a photo, another form of photo identification must be carried.

Workers who are not exempt from the permit requirements, or cannot satisfy the identification of workplace and personal photo requirements above, should obtain a permit from their employer and carry it when attending their place of work.

For further information, please refer to the Premier’s statement and the authorised worker permit resources page.

The situation is being reviewed regularly by the Victorian Department of Health, and RACFs will be notified if any changes are made.

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